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This game is not available. Please contact us for more information.

A Few Cards Short

Saturdays at 2pm EST - Hosted on Roll20 by Paul

Service Description

The remains of Berestone Keep are overrun by chaos, which distorts reality and raises the possibility of its complete destruction. An ancient battle between good and evil resulted in the scattering of the famous Deck of Many Things, a sentient artifact that is now trying to reassemble itself, wreaking havoc across Rhea. Can be paid for as a drop-in, with a 2-pack, or with any of our subscriptions. *You must have completed an orientation to book this service.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling or rescheduling within 24 hours of your scheduled time will be considered a no-show and you will be charged the full price of a game session. If you have a package or subscription, one credit will be used instead.

Contact Details

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