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Why am I a DM?

It is one of the most unique and amazing ways to tell a story. A story that lives, breathes, and changes as players react and shape the world. Sharing that with players is both rewarding and challenging in a way that I can’t get enough! 

What is important to me as a DM?

Making sure my players have fun and to craft captivating tales. I strive to create a safe and enjoyable table for all my players where your creativity can be, well, Unbounded!

Current Campaigns

National Ventures: Idol Hands

Fridays at 7pm (EST)

Discovery is the game and Quinn Landas is his name! Once again, Quinn requires assistance with his endless pursuit of ancient knowledge. Flying high on the fresh uncovering of a lost, underground Dwarven city, Quinn needs your help following clues to the next big discovery!

This game will be roleplay heavy, with an emphasis on exploration, and a little lighter on combat.

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