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A Dungeon Master is a facilitator for both the story and the rules. I strive to make sure every player has a voice at the table, whether they can count their experience in hours or years.

I focus on creating opportunities for players to guide the style of game we play. Telling a complicated and thrilling story that is shaped by every person at the table makes being a DM so very fulfilling. 

Current Campaigns

Diplomacy and Dinosaurs

Tuesdays at 8pm (EST)

Merchants from Vonaggi have embarked upon a new trade venture with several small Islands off the coast of Meru Jilam, hoping to take advantage of the advanced magical goods and resources that are made there. However, they have encountered unusually aggressive animals, strange ruins, and wild fluctuations of magical energy. The Keepers have been hired to investigate the causes of these disturbances, as well as look into some potentially shady business deals with the locals.

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