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I aim to set up a mindscape where my players can lose themselves; where their friendships and rivalries feel real, where the ominous threat of danger makes them sweat, and the world they inhabit  is one they feel inspired to fight for.

By using different campaign structures, from basic dungeon crawls to political conspiracy, I blend elements to create scenarios where my players never know what to expect next.

Current Campaigns

Magical Spaces in Non-Magical Places

Currently Unavailable

Oddities abound in the world of Rhea and you have been tasked with exploring one of the most recent events. A newly built mansion, meant to be the home of an affluent noble, seems to be "eating" anyone who crosses its threshold. Since the building's completion, none who have entered the home have come out again. You are entrusted with the task as a newly appointed Keeper and sent out to face whatever wonders or dangers lie in wait.

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