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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Adventure Unbounded? Adventure Unbounded is an expanded approach to playing D&D 5e online, where many dungeon masters work together to host a single, playable world. Because our DMs all run their campaigns within one consistent world, characters are able to move between stories and are encouraged to do so.

How is this different from a West Marches server? We get it – West Marches has some things in common with us. They have a system that lets you play as regularly or sporadically as you want, too. But they generally lack an overarching storyline, and run more as a series of 3-4 hour vignettes. Even if there are multiple DMs, they typically run their stories independently, with little significant connection between them. And every session has to wrap up and return to some form of base camp. In Unbounded, the DMs are running actual campaigns, and working behind the scenes to weave connections between them, and the world at large. There are mysteries to discover that span multiple campaigns, or are a part of the larger world as a whole, that all the DMs are crafting together. When you play in Unbounded, your sessions don’t have to wrap up neatly each time. We have mechanics in place for continuing adventures, even if individual players change from one week to the next.  In a nutshell, this is more like an MMORPG of D&D than a West Marches server, with multiple DMs running ongoing campaigns for a pool of players who can travel around the world as they see fit.

What if I don’t have a group to play with? ​No problem! Another benefit of the Adventure Unbounded model is that you don’t need one. You can join in any game solo, with a friend, or with a whole party (as long as there is room.) Over time, you might find other players who like to join up with you. Play as a lone wolf, a pair of adventurers seeking fame and fortune, or a band of merry do-gooders, out to save the world!

Do I need to know how to play D&D? Or how to roleplay? ​Not at all! The beauty of role playing games is that you can learn them by playing. You don’t need to be a great actor, or be able to make funny voices to have fun. You just need a willingness to participate in a story where you can influence the outcome.  Still worried? Here are two more reasons not to: 1. Our session zero is designed to get you oriented and ready to join the Unbounded world. 2. Our DMs are pros at getting the game moving, whether you are new to D&D or have played for many years.

What if I don’t like my DM? ​Well, let’s be honest. No DM is perfect for everyone. Luckily, we have a bunch of them, and you can switch from week to week until you find the ones you really connect with. Player flexibility is one of the core designs built into Adventure Unbounded. Our goal is to offer a place you can call home for your roleplaying adventures. Heck, the whole idea of a subscription model was to reinforce this. There are games running at different times on different days, and you can move between them without losing your character, or the world they live in.

What if I have to skip a session last minute? ​We understand that life…happens. But we’d sure prefer to have time to fill your slot with another player who was hoping for a chance to play. Our 24-hour cancellation policy is there to protect the players and the DM, by giving us time to invite someone else to the table. If you cancel or reschedule a reservation less than 24 hours before it starts, we charge as if you were there. In cases of true emergency, please contact us so we can work it out with you. In the end, though, our DMs are pros and will run the session regardless.

How do waitlists work? ​If you join a waitlist for a session, plan on being there! You will automatically be added if a space opens up, and will receive an email letting you know. Please note that if the space opens within 24 hours of the game, you will be added and our 24-hour cancellation policy will be in effect. In other words - don't be on a waitlist for a game you don't think you can make it to!

What happens if we don’t have a full group? We will do our best to fill spots, but the minimum number of players in any session is 2. When we have a smaller group like this, we also shorten the session length to 2.5-3 hours. Because there are only two players, you will get more time in the "spotlight" than you would in a typical 4-hour session with a full party. This also allows players to make good progress in the story and have fun, while allowing enough of the story to be left on the table for next time.

Is there an age restriction? We are currently running a world for 18+, although we do hope to eventually bring a second world for younger players.

Can I bring in a character I played before?  Of course! If you love a character, bring them into the Unbounded world. However, all characters start at level 1, so don’t plan on bringing in your level 16 Paladin! Also, you might want to learn a little about the world of Unbounded, and modify their backstory accordingly. You can do this as part of your session zero.

What if there is a really disruptive player? If a player is causing a significant disturbance to the game, or people’s enjoyment of it, we do reserve the right to intervene. This can mean a friendly conversation, a warning, or even being kicked from the world. We are committed to protecting the experience for all players and DMs, and we recognize that some people just aren’t a good fit for this type of world.

What if my character dies? Or I just want to re-roll a new character? ​You may make a new character at the same level and session count as your current character. The starting equipment and gold for your new character is as follows: ​Character Level              Starting Equipment 1–4                                    Standard starting equipment ​5–10                                  Standard (level 1) starting equipment, 2,000 gp plus 5d10 × 25 gp;                                            may purchase one magic item ​11–16                                 Standard (level 1) starting equipment, 10,000 gp plus 5d10 × 250 gp;                                           may purchase up to two magic items ​17–20                                If you die at this level, and can’t resurrect, your Keepers Guild offers the                                                    service. It only costs 10,000 gold.

Can I play a homebrew class/race/subclass or use a homebrew item? ​We are running a large, open, flexible world, but we need to put some limits in place to maintain balance. We allow any official WOTC race, class, or subclass. That’s a lot of options already! As to items, there are homebrewed ones to discover, but you can’t bring your own.

What are the rule changes/alterations to 5e? Our DMs all agree to run their games with a consistent set of rules, so that you can know what to expect as you move around among them. Because of this, we need to stick with RAW (rules as written) as closely as possible. That said, here are a few modifications you will find in Unbounded: Skill Checks No more than two rolls may be made for the same check. (These can be made by two players, or one with advantage.) Passive Perception We use the over/under 5 rule: If a character’s PP is within 5 of the DC, we ask for a roll. They notice that something is off, and they are rolling to see if they notice specifically what it is.  If a character’s PP is higher than the DC by 5, that is considered an auto-success. We don’t treat PP as a base floor. A lower roll than their PP indicates that something distracted or interfered with them being at their “normal” level of perceptiveness. However, even a failed roll allows the party to benefit from the player’s higher passive perception. The fact that they “got a roll” is information they would not have had, without that high PP. Note: by RAW, PP in dark places, with darkvision, is at a -5 Potions It is a bonus action to drink one, but a full action to feed one to someone else. Surprise in Combat Sometimes, there will be players who have no reason to react at the moment initiative is rolled. If a combat is beginning, the turn order should begin with the first character who has a legitimate reason to react. This is an additional variation to the standard definition of a “surprise” round. Example: The party is exploring a dungeon, and the fighter walks into a room filled with guards, who look up and immediately draw weapons. Initiative is rolled. If a player whose character is still outside is at the top of the turn order, they still may have no reason to react yet. If the guards or the fighter go before the players outside, the noise may give them reason to act, and therefore take part in the combat on their turn. Flanking When a creature and at least one of its allies are adjacent to an enemy and on opposite sides or corners of the enemy’s space, they flank that enemy, and each of them has advantage on melee attack rolls against that enemy. (DMG page 251) Death Saves  We believe death saves should be rolled privately. That way no one but the DM and the player know how close they are to full death. We also believe coming close to death should take a toll. Characters who drop to 0HP suffer one level of exhaustion.

How does leveling work? ​Characters level up based on the number of sessions they have played. The assumption is that, on average, playing a session should give experience to your character. Whether you successfully clear a dungeon, or fail to open a trapped chest, you gain experience. Over time, all characters grow from that experience.

What are the technical requirements? ​All of our DMs run their games on either Roll20 or Foundry. When you book a session, it will include instructions on how to connect to the game. Additionally, you will need an account for D&D Beyond (to make a character) and Discord (to join our server.)  ​If you own the content you need for creating your character, you can just share your D&D Beyond character link in the initial sign-up form. Your orientation session invite will also include an invitation to join a campaign with content sharing, if you need it.

Where can I send comments, questions, or feedback? ​There are channels in our Discord server for support, and you will receive a feedback form after your games. You can also email us at: – for general inquiries – for questions or issues regarding booking sessions – for customer service and support

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