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The World of Rhea

It is the year 2999 AC. Rhea is a nearly-flat plate, floating in orbit around a blue-tinted star. Titanic forces swirl at the edges creating an impenetrable, turbulent storm system that only the most fool-hardy of sailors or mountaineers attempt to penetrate. Those who do are never seen again, though occasional wreckage does wash up on shores near the edge. 

Way, way back, in a mostly forgotten history, Rhea was a thriving planet with almost five thousand years of civilizations rising and falling upon it. Until three thousand years ago, when a great cataclysm occurred, tearing Rhea apart. Known as The Shattering, life was irreversibly disrupted, and nearly extinguished. Of the surviving portion of Rhea, only a flat disc remained habitable. Life picked up the pieces, and began again...

Adventure Unbounded is played on the world of Rhea, but all of its details are hosted by our friends at Kanka.


Kanka is a fantastic tabletop RPG campaign management tool for worldbuilders and game masters. It helps you organize your campaigns and worlds with a whole range of features such as calendars, timelines, interactive maps, notes, journals, cross-linking entries, a tagging system, and room for as many characters as you care to add.


When you join Unbounded, you gain access to many player resources as well as a home for your character's story and journals there. We are huge fans of the system they have put together for worldbuilders and are proud to be a featured campaign world on Kanka.

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